Johns Hopkins All Children's CRIB / MDC

Offerings & Pricing

Service provision through the CRIB versus the MDC:

Why a center and a core? While some projects simply require our routine assays, often projects are highly specialized. Therefore, our center, the CRIB, is a collaborative partner for the development of new methods, through mechanisms that include collaborative grant applications, sponsored research agreements and scholarly activities. The CRIB is the entry point for longer term collaborations and larger projects that require dedicated effort from CRIB staff.

Our core, the MDC, is the delivery point for mature services that are provided under a fee-per-service framework as a JHU Service Center. The MDC offers core services in targeted and untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics and peptidomics (see services). Please contact us for information on pricing.

Sample Preparation

Discovery Metabolomics

Targeted Metabolomics

Discovery Lipidomics

Targeted Lipidomics

Data Analysis