Johns Hopkins All Children's CRIB / MDC

Data Analysis for Metabolomics and Lipidomics

Data analysis is performed using cutting edge metabolomics analysis software (commercial and open source), which includes alignment, peak identification, and putative compound identification. The MDC has a server dedicated to data analysis, and follows the highest possible standards of data integrity (including traceable primary data files).  Multiple levels of data analysis available.  The basic package consists of a largely automated analysis of a binary experiment, with simple feature finding, p-value calculation, putative compound identification, and pathway analysis.  Advanced analysis will include everything the basic package includes for a more complex experimental design, plus manual data curation and validation. Our typical output is an excel spreadsheet that provides the compound identity and the intensity of the signal measured for the compound and basic network and pathway mapping.

Our rates are currently undergoing annual review in preparation for the start of budget year 2017. Please inquire for most up to date pricing.