Johns Hopkins All Children's CRIB / MDC

Targeted Metabolomics

Semi Quantitative Assays

The CRIB/MDC has a comprehensive offering of targeted assays.  Most markers have defined linear dynamic ranges and lower limits of detection in plasma. Note that targeted assays may require multiple injections, as the assays are built on at least three different chromatography platforms.  The cost includes the price of data analysis.  A quantitative report is provided for each target in the assay. 

List of Targeted Assays (pdf).

Price per injection please enquire as our prices are presently under review

Absolute Quantitation

The MDC assays do not include the use of a heavy internal standard for quantitation.  We have a large heavy internal standard library, and the use of these standards are at cost; however, since pricing per compound can vary considerably, pricing must be performed on a case-by-case basis.  Since quantitation requires both internal and external standards, a flat rate will be charged for each calibration curve. A calibration curve must be generated for each batch of samples. Beyond that, our normal sample fees apply. 

Our rates are currently undergoing annual review in preparation for the start of budget year 2017. Please inquire for most up to date pricing.