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All Children's Hospital Guild


The All Children's Hospital Guild just completed an impressive $900,000 pledge to raise money for Johns Hopkins All Children's Pediatric Palliative Care Program with a big surprise -- they surpassed their goal and raised more than $1 million!

The Guild members are working on their second year for their pledge of $1,350,000 toward Johns Hopkins Nursing Excellence Program and a new pediatric ambulance to support the Transport Team. This is the first time that the Guild is taking on two worthy areas of the hospital in one pledge.

Funds raised for Johns Hopkins Nursing Excellence Program will be used for education, training and additional certification. Highly trained nurses are crucial in meeting a standard of excellence in care.

Across the nine Branches, Guild members live in several counties in the Tampa Bay area. They recognize the need for specialty ambulances that can safely transport young patients from long distances to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

In addition to the overall pledge commitment, each Guild Branch has a Legacy Fund in which monies support timely and urgent needs of the hospital and the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Outpatient Care locations. This includes research funding, program or clinical support, and advocacy or education support.

The Guild also manages the Love Lights program, donations made in celebration of a loved one. Proceeds from this program support all their pledge goals.

For more information on joining one of the Guild Branches or to support one of the many Guild fundraising activities, contact Alison Debowsky at 727.767.3879.

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