The Billing Process

Patient Accounts & Professional Billing at All Children's Hospital

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital will bill your insurance as a courtesy, provided that you have given us your most recent insurance information. After the claim has been submitted to your insurance plan, your insurance will usually respond to us within 30-45 days and should provide you with an Explanation of benefits (EOB), which will explain how the claim is paid or will be paid. The EOB will also inform you of the portion of the bill you will owe. If the insurer does not cover the full cost of your medical services you may receive a bill from us.

Hospital charges will be billed under Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital; physician charges may be billed by Professional Billing for Pediatric Physician Services, West Coast Neonatology, ACH - OB/GYN Specialists, PPS Cardiovascular Surgery, PPS Psychiatry, and PPS Neurosurgery. It is not uncommon to receive multiple bills when medical services are rendered.

University of South Florida physicians and other private physician practices also provide care to patients at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. You may receive a separate bill from them for the services they provided.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your health insurance policy it is advised that you contact them directly. If you have any additional or unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to call - we are always here to help.

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