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Autism Center

Comprehensive assessment, diagnostic and treatment services for infants and children with autism spectrum disorders.

Our Team Approach

The Autism Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive assessment, diagnostic and treatment services for infants and children with autism spectrum disorders.

In addition to expert pediatric medical and surgical care, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has nationally recognized programs in pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapy to help children reach developmental milestones. Parents and pediatricians know that Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental disabilities.

The first years of life are critical to a child’s development. We believe that children with autism spectrum disorders can make the greatest progress through direct care provided by a multidisciplinary team of experts working together to help your child. We include the family as part of our team and offer parent support and training. Although autism can’t be cured, early diagnosis and treatment can make a dramatic difference in a child’s life and ability to function at home, in school and in social settings.

Our Autism Center provides comprehensive services in one centralized location to make it as convenient as possible for children to receive the evaluation and treatment needed to help them reach their potential.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects many children. It continues to be an important public health concern. There is strong evidence that genetic factors play a critical role. It affects a child’s social skills such as difficulty making friends or knowing when to use gestures or make eye contact when talking to someone.

Children with ASD show behaviors that are repetitive and very routine. They can over or underreact to sensory input like sound or touch. Autism spectrum disorder can range from mild to severe, is persistent, and limits or impairs everyday functioning. Children with ASD have complex needs requiring the support of specialists in different fields working together. Treatment for ASD is most successful when it is designed to meet a child’s specific needs.

Specialists Working Together

Each child has a core team of specialists:

  • Developmental pediatrician
  • Pediatric advanced registered nurse practitioner
  • Developmental testing specialist (psychometrist)
Screenings will be completed by:

Some children with ASD have accompanying medical issues and may need the care of specialists at another time. Pediatric experts in these and other areas are available here at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. They may include the following:


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