Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care Volume and Outcomes

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has positive critical care outcomes for length of stay, days on ventilator and low mortality rates. Learn more.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is committed to data transparency and reporting so you can feel confident in the level of care you will receive from our critical care team.


In a hospital setting, volume refers to the number of procedures performed. It has been shown that care from high-volume facilities can lead to improved outcomes, a correlation that may be attributed to many factors, including:

  • The skill level of a surgeon and pediatric intensivist who has extensive experience
  • Well-practiced and organized postoperative care
  • Intensive care units staffed by pediatric specialists
  • Availability of resources for dealing with medical and postoperative complications 

The critical care service at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital treats a high volume of patients in our critical care units. The pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is a high-volume critical care unit, averaging 1,800 admissions per year. Our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) averages 1,200 admissions per year, and our cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) averages 400 admissions per year. Fifty-seven percent of our 259 licensed hospital beds are dedicated to intensive care units, including:

  • 28-bed pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
  • 22-bed cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) with adjoining cardiac surgery and catheterization suites
  • 97-bed level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)


The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Quality Model provides us a means of understanding patient needs, measuring and using data, and achieving meaningful improvement. All of our team members are focused on finding ways to work more efficiently and improve patient safety and family support which is a priority. We believe this model is reflected in quality outcomes in critical care. Johns Hopkins All Children’s has excellent outcomes caring for critically ill children including length of stay, days on ventilator, and low mortality rates.