Nursing at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine

We practice with skill, evidence-based knowledge and compassion while keeping patients, their families and our community at the center of all we do.


The nurses of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine are a dynamic patient-care team transforming children's care. They are defined by their outcomes, which are clearly expressed through the science and art of nursing.

Dedicated to world-class clinical care, registered nurses are encouraged to gain new knowledge by exploring professional development opportunities.

Nursing Strategic Plan

Strategic goals help to guide our vision for the future. Strategies and tactics are the specific activities that help us make that vision a reality.

The development of Johns Hopkins All Children's Nursing Strategic Five Year Plan began in September 2013 when a group of nursing leaders gathered to brainstorm and create a list of inspirational patient care possibilities that aligned with the hospital's overall strategic plan. Senior leadership developed a list of 13 goals that was then shared with a group of 60 front-line team members from across the organization. Each team member had the opportunity to discuss what each inspirational goal meant to them and how it affects the work they do when caring for our patients.

Smaller work groups developed more specific ideas and tactics. The final result is a strategic plan that includes five overarching goals:

  • Goal 1: Collaborative Relationships
  • Goal 2: Transitioning Care Between Care Settings
  • Goal 3: Patient & Community Education
  • Goal 4: Contributions to Patient Care
  • Goal 5: Nursing Excellence

Each of these goals has multiple strategies, tactics and metrics, to guide our progress and our eventual success. By no means are these five goals our final destination-they are milestones along our journey toward providing extraordinary family and patient-centered care within and around Johns Hopkins All Children's Health System.

Nursing Leadership