Pain Management

The pain management program is part of the Division of Anesthesia at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. We provide an interactive family centered team approach to manage acute pain. 

Acute Pain Management Services

Inpatient Consultation Services

The pain management team provides acute pain management services to infants, children and adolescents. Acute pain may be caused by surgery or trauma, cancer or complex medical problems and may require specialized pain management. Our acute pain service team works with the healthcare teams, patient and families to provide an individualized pain management plan. Our pain management plan includes using pain medicine, physical therapy and complementary therapies such as massage therapy and hypnosis. Our goal is to treat the patient's pain and help them continue to participate in activities of daily living such as watching tv, eating, texting on their phone and interacting with their families.

On our first visit, we will evaluate your child. We also talk to you, your child and the healthcare team to develop a pain management plan.

Every day, a member of the pain management team will evaluate the treatment plan, monitor progress and continue with the plan or make any changes that may be needed.

Regional Anesthesia

Regional anesthesia is a pain management technique that places local anesthetic, such as lidocaine, close to the nerve in order to block pain signals to the brain. This provides effective pain relief during a hospital stay or when patients go home. We have a regional anesthesia team that uses ultrasound to guide the placement of peripheral nerve blocks (PNB).

Meet the Pain Management Team

Attending Physicians:

Allison Fernandez, M.D.

Richard Elliott, M.D.

Jenny Dolan, M.D.

Will Nelson, M.D.

Jibin Samuel, M.D. 

Advanced Practice Nurses  (A.R.N.P.)

Kay Rhoades, MSN, ARNP, PPCNP-BC
Kay Rhoades has been a pediatric nurse since 1986 and obtained her Master's degree in 1994. She started her All Children's career in 1996 and joined the Pain Management Team in 2010. She is certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Natalie Madar, MS,  ARNP, PPCNP-BC, CWOCN
Natalie has been a pediatric nurse since 1978 and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner since 1998. As an RN she worked in a variety of pediatric settings. Her PNP experience includes general pediatrics and pediatric neurology. She joined the Pain Management team in 2012.

Christine Georgeff, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC
Christine has worked at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital since 2011. She began her career here in the pediatric intensive care unit where she realized the importance of good pain management. She returned to school to become a Nurse Practitioner in 2015 and joined the Pain Management Team in 2016.

Lauri Haffner, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC
Lauri started working at All Children’s in 1993. She worked as a nurse in Neurosurgical Sciences for 10 years, then became a Nurse Practitioner and began her career with perioperative services and short stay in 2004. She joined the Pain Team in 2013.

Erin Cafiero, MSN, ARNP, C-PNP
Erin has been a pediatric nurse for 15 years and worked as a Nurse practitioner here at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital since 2015 in perioperative services.  She joined the Pain Management Team in 2016.

Other Healthcare Providers Involved in Pain Management:

Caring for patients in pain involves health staff from different departments. We often consult with: