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What is Osgood-Schlatter Disease?

Our Pediatric Sports Medicine team put together these videos to provide information for you.

Patrick Mularoni, MD

Osgood-Schlatter condition is a common cause of knee pain in growing teens and pre-teens. It affects nearly 20% of athletes during the rapid growth phase of puberty.

In these growing athletes the strong quadriceps muscle pulls on the area just below the knee cap where it inserts into the lower leg at the area called the tibial tubercle. This stress on the tubercle causes pain and inflammation and can often lead to a bump as the affected area heals.

We commonly see this condition in athletes who play soccer or basketball and other sports that require sudden change of movement and jumping.

Because knee pain can be caused by multiple different issues in this large joint, it is a good idea to have this condition evaluated by a Physician.

The best treatment for Osgood-Schlatter is rest during periods of inflammation and icing the affected area immediately after activity.

At Allsports Medicine, we can help you get back in the game by providing an evaluation to determine whether knee pain is Osgood-Schlatter or something more serious.