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Retail Pharmacy

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Retail Pharmacy locations are here to provide you with convenient access to prescriptions, medical goods, and pharmaceutical consultations -- without having to make an extra stop on your way home! The Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Retail Pharmacy has two locations -- one in the main Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Building in St. Petersburg, and the other in Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care, Tampa.

Call us at 727-767-8933


It's not just the convenient location and pediatric expertise that makes the Johns Hopkins All Children's Retail Pharmacy a great option for you -- it's the services we provide:
  • Get your prescription filled before your child leaves the hospital
  • Accept most insurances for prescriptions
  • Selection of common over-the-counter medications available  
  • Large selection of hard-to-find nutritional items kept in stock
  • Crutches and some types of durable medical equipment are available - can bill Medicaid for these items
  • Flavor RX-flavoring of liquid medicines with poor taste only $2.99
  • Specialty Pediatric Compounding
  • Order refills 24/7 by phone -- ready when you need them
  • Easy transfers between our sites -we do all the work
  • Reminder calls when refills are ready
  • Automatic refills available